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JAR Marine Consult offers a broad selection of technical consulting services that assures constant focus on and a dedication to process and cost optimization.


A variety of services are offered, with the foundation of safety, quality and pace.


Constant focus on optimizing the processes and focus on the costs in all aspects.


Reduction of CAPEX, not jeopardizing OPEX, - having vessels being approved by the Oil Majors, - requires proper planning and involvement by the Crew.






  • General Ship Repair & Dry docking supervision

  • Scrubber and Ballast Water Treatment surveys

  • Purchase Surveys

  • Pre Vetting CDI and SIRE

  • Cargo tank coating inspections, - specialized for Chemical Tankers.




  • Docking supervision

  • Contact and negotiation with shipyards on behalf of owners

  • New building and re-building projects

  • Development of dock scope including pre-dock inspections

  • Incident Investigations

  • Development of maintenance plans

  • Technical Management




  • Optimisations in hull treatment paint systems

  • Energy monitoring and surveys Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan

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